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Golden Lining $420

Every cloud has a silver lining. These are golden. What could be better than the sun peeking out at you at the end of a cloudy day? Come visit the Port Aransas Art Center today and enjoy the glow.

This work is a marvel of layering. The colors shift as the daylight changes. In the evening, the darker tones are dominant, but midday the glazes of blue and violet are strongest. Come see for yourself!

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Big Big Sky- $420

It’s not a sunny day, but the world offers beauty anyway. Sometimes a little mist on your nose is just the right thing. With layers of impasto and glazing, this painting glows from within. The heavy impasto- a technique of laying on paint so thickly that it stands out from a surface- adds character and form.

Arnica Grace has been known to use painting knives- a flexible metal blade. This device helps her to put down the thick paint she likes to see in some of her larger works. This being a Big Big Sky, she uses the painting knife with gusto! Energy and form, peace and activity, layers of color sing in a unique harmony.

Collections begin with one piece. This is a good cornerstone for the foundation of your own art empire. Enjoy!

Big Big Sky $420 plus $20 shipping/handling and 8.25% sales tax
= $474.65 total charges