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Bluebonnet Springs Sunrise

Newest Work for the San Marcos Art Center!

Bluebonnet Springs at Sunrise

This spring brought us all a wonderful display of bluebonnets. It is always a joy to see them all show their happy faces again after a long, cold winter. Although this painting is of Bluebonnet Springs, Bluebonnet Springs does not actually exist. It is utopia, happiness, a dream and a pleasure to imagine seeing the morning dew on the flowers that are so fully alive on the banks of a stream that is being fed by a spring nearby.

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It is Done. It Begins.

Since graduating this December, I have had great good fortune.

I am a Texas Licensed Paramedic.

San Marcos Hays County EMS has decided to let me help out. Yay!

In the meantime, before my new job starts Monday after next, I have painted in joy and with great enthusiasm.

Below are new original oil paintings ‘Rising Together,’ 12″x16″,  and ‘Anticipation’ 12″x36″.

Love to you all,

‘Rising Together’ Original Oil Painting 12″x16″


‘Anticipation’ Original Oil Painting 12″x36″
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King of the Hill!

Daydreams of ease and comfort. The pelican finds a place to survey his kingdom. A full belly and a cool breeze, a place in the sun. Peace and contentment are palpable here for this king of the hill reigns supreme. Be your own king or queen. Own your hill or boulder, even if just for this one moment. The world can be beautiful.