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Big Big Sky- $420

It’s not a sunny day, but the world offers beauty anyway. Sometimes a little mist on your nose is just the right thing. With layers of impasto and glazing, this painting glows from within. The heavy impasto- a technique of laying on paint so thickly that it stands out from a surface- adds character and form.

Arnica Grace has been known to use painting knives- a flexible metal blade. This device helps her to put down the thick paint she likes to see in some of her larger works. This being a Big Big Sky, she uses the painting knife with gusto! Energy and form, peace and activity, layers of color sing in a unique harmony.

Collections begin with one piece. This is a good cornerstone for the foundation of your own art empire. Enjoy!

Big Big Sky $420 plus $20 shipping/handling and 8.25% sales tax
= $474.65 total charges
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Spring Fever $40

It’s impossible to stay inside with the weather so fine. Here is a small image of Arnica C. Grace’s backyard in early spring. The birds are back. They have pecked away at the block of food in the bird feeder. It hangs on a hook behind the patio flowerpots. The bushes are green and lush. The patio flowerpots are ready to bloom. Happy springtime! This 6″ x 8″ oil painting is only $40.

Aerial perspective is a fun painting technique. It uses greys and blues to represent space and distant objects. Here Arnica has made a strong use of aerial perspective in this painting ‘Spring Fever.’

$40.00 plus tax and $5 shipping/handling = $48.30 total chargesĀ