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My Friend, My Foe, The Sea

16″ x 20″ new work oil on canvas

Got to wonder what this pelican is thinking. Sunshine for nothing and fish for free?

The Texas Coast is beautiful and rich in its wildlife. Imagine warm breezes blowing across your skin. The gentle waves roll over your toes. Keep that feeling. Return to it again and again.

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Spring Fever $40

It’s impossible to stay inside with the weather so fine. Here is a small image of Arnica C. Grace’s backyard in early spring. The birds are back. They have pecked away at the block of food in the bird feeder. It hangs on a hook behind the patio flowerpots. The bushes are green and lush. The patio flowerpots are ready to bloom. Happy springtime! This 6″ x 8″ oil painting is only $40.

Aerial perspective is a fun painting technique. It uses greys and blues to represent space and distant objects. Here Arnica has made a strong use of aerial perspective in this painting ‘Spring Fever.’

$40.00 plus tax and $5 shipping/handling = $48.30 total chargesĀ 

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So Much Depends Upon

A Little Red Wagon 12″ x 16″ oil
So much depends upon A red wheel barrow Glazed with rain water Beside the white chickens.  -William Carlos Williams    
As the weather warms not so gently here in Austin, wheelbarrows are, indeed, important articles for moving piles of compost and leaf mulch to prepare new garden beds. Time to get planting!
Painting and growing are so connected in Arnica's work. Each is a labor of love. Each hopes to produce a beautiful final product. In both cases, the result is far from certain, and takes hard work and dedication to the effort.
Time for a last little vacation before the real work of springtime comes on, Arnica Grace will soon leave on a journey of fun and hopefully some self-discovery. Maybe a caribbean cruise will shake the dust off the ol' girl. Cheers!