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Showing the Ropes- Gratitude for teachers

Thanks to everyone who has had to show me the ropes through the years. There have been so many of you, and so many ropes, too!

Yesterday I completed my application for Austin Travis County EMS. It has been a two year journey of education and experience with some of the most wonderful people.  My teachers, clinical preceptors, and laboratory organizers have kicked my butt into shape. The paramedics on ambulances who had my back as they let me treat their patients had such grace and kindness. Even when I tended to argue a bit… as I tried to understand better how to do my job and take care of people.

When I first became an emergency medical technician in December of 2020, I expected to be snapped up by Austin for service. Sadly, their hiring policies did not allow for them to hire anyone who did not have at least one year of full time experience as an EMT already, so… they couldn’t have me at that time.

I have been enjoying working for Emergency Medical Protection Services- a first responder organization- and First Medical Response- a private EMS provider. Now, Austin EMS might let me into an interview, we shall see!